Sunday, March 7, 2010

A screwed Up Sunday!

12.30pm.. Scorching heat and roads of bangalore...Im on my buddy's Bike.. Hebbal to Silkboard route.. was busy during the morning and was heading to meet another friend... TO the best of my luck i was riding alone.. I would never forgive myself if this incident was an hour later.. Because chances of death of the pillion rider was a guarantee 100%..

I stop at the signal.. Red lights Say stop!!! i followed that... Jack@$$ that i am! I take out my phone from my jean pocket. Read the SMS which just came in.. put the phone in my shirt pocket.. Hands reach back to the bike handle..

Next thing i know is that im being flung into the air.. I knew someone had screwed up..BIG time.. Next i know is that i have let go of my bike.. and im scraping on the hot Tarred Road. I roll over from the left most corner through the middle of the road and towards the 80 lane.. My head knocked once hard against the ground.. I look up and i can see a jackass of a Hyundai i10 driver trying to Race towards me instead of getting his brakes.. Sheer luck.. I roll back over to the middle lane.. Face down.. I raise both my hands signaling whoever was coming in next to stop.. I raise my head this time.. and i see a huge truck stopped about 3 mts from my head.. I look up and smile to the driver who signals out to me.. "take it easy.. get up slowly and take Ur time.." I was happy that at least he had the sense to stop in the middle of the road to avoid other vehicles hitting me again.. after which im sure.. This blog wouldn't have been created..

Fully sand laden truck had hit me from behind.. who then, without stopping took off with greater speed. Nearby Hyundai showroom people came running out..Picked up the bike.. I was up by then.. I did something close to a Arabic belly dance cum break dance just to make sure no bones were off the hooks..(Funny.. I know!) . All these decisions/Actions come out of prior falls of friends i know..

Then realized that the skin from elbow to palm on the right hand(Lower portion) was completely scraped off.. and i owe it to the sun.. there was Molten Tar settlements all over the wound! My phone was shattered and i dint know whom to call next.. I sat on the bike and rode to my friends place close by. He then took me to a hospital in Kammanahalli(A bunch of dumb Doctors who were more eager to get me call the police.) I had to literally threaten them that i was gonna sue them for neglect and then finally, a nurse came out with some hydrogen peroxide and ointments.

This part was the scariest to my memories on that entire day. During the first aid, My hearing started reducing and so did my sight.. I knew i was going to black out(Had watched too much of House MD, luckily for me..) I asked her to clear the OT bed and lay down.. after about two mins, all the senses regained full activity and i was sure that i will be ok. A huge and dangerous looking nurse then asked me to take off my belt(Yeah.. scary!) Pain killer on the left and tetanus on the right.. Wat was left was now not left!!! rode back to my cuzns place..

The pain has been constantly high for the past three days.. Hoping the wounds heal soon and the marks don't remain for long! Thank God for small mercies.. and all readers who hoped i would write more.. For which god nodded his head and thought it wasn't time for me to leave mother earth this fast!!!

A few Pics will be added on the condition of the bike and of course myself as soon as i get them. My brother took a few pics.

A small piece of advice..
1)Wear a helmet.. I am alive today because of that.. Probably u have a good chance too.
2)Never take off your crash-Guard from motorcycles.(Specially pulsars) They are designed to pivot your bike on themselves saving the riders leg from being crushed to pulp
3)You are never Safe on the roads.. Be aware of your surroundings.. and be alert!

All the best!

Monday, January 4, 2010

New year at BIAL..


It was about 9 am in the morning....The brand new year.. The very first day.. I had a gruelling previous night :) (The best way you can imagine it wud surely be less!!) I had a shower and headed to the BIAL to receive someone who was arriving that morning.. As the previous arrangements had been spoken about..I wud be at the Cafe Coffee day counter at the airport and she wud have to just look over to find me there..Ekdum Filmi IShtyle.. LOL.. ways of the world..

Nothing of that sort happened at all..

The ride to the airport was on the bike and was extraordinarily pleasant.. I had no idea wat i was doing.. Dint seem to come below 90's.. was with a friend..we hardly spoke during the way(Both were Zonked beyond Control or recognition!!)

At the airport..we headed over to the CCD counter.. Ordered for a cappuccino(For my friend) and a Cold Coffee for me (I thought that my stomach deserved a cold one occasionally after a lot of hot ones!! ). My stomach was rumbling and i hadn't even thought of breakfast yet!

Scene Starts...

My phone Rings and a voice asks " Are you coming or do i head home?? "
.. As usual the Poetic and Dialogue Minded ,I say " I'm Always there if i say so !!! "
she says " Im waiting at the airport main entrance".. I say " Ok.. I'm coming over"..
Heh.. Pretty neat huh!!!

I walk down towards the main entrance of the airport.. I havent sipped my coffee yet.. abi's(My friend's name is Abhilash) coffee is already half way done.. I see a person behind a trolley staring at me and smiling that sheepish smile(A different kinda one.. U'd Probably recognise only if you see it :) ) If you have been though one of my earlier writing's A Stranger's Kiss I would say the same girl was standing in front of me.. Dressed in the same shade.. The same pleasant face.. Talking abt dreams and realities huh!

Till then i hadn't a clue what i was doing at the airport in the morning.. Everything snapped out in an instant. I wasn't zonked anymore. I wasn't hungry anymore(Hmm.. That's a little too much.. I'm always Hungry! may be i just forgot about it..anyway..)Picture perfect , i knew whom i was looking at ... Beautiful !! probably that's too small a word.. Just to make sure u get it.. U can add the highest superlatives into it .. A few seconds later, i feel a better level of intoxication.. Thanks to none other than the lady in front of me ..

I , as usual , couldn't help not taking my eyes off her. the scene was a little better this time .. but then No kiss !! :( and of course very little talk and gazes.. i think she was shy.. or probably too tired to talk.. she'd had a long journey! We parted.. Hoping to meet again.. in better circumstances ..better places.. better reasons.. Now i'm back to the dreams and stranger's kisses!

Hmm.. Hope.. That's all that one can do.. Nothing more!

Monday, December 28, 2009

A stranger's Kiss..

I was on my bike and riding.. I cant however tel you the location cos i myself don't remember it anymore. A stranger walked along. Someone i have never seen before ,never thought existed. Dressed in a maroonish shade of red salwar kameez and with a pleasant face. I stopped by and talked to the stranger.. I don't know why.. I don't know what we talked about..

Apparently she wasn't a stranger. we knew each other for sometime i suppose for she had no signs of withdrawal when we spoke. She laughed ,blushed,pushed her hair aside behind her ears and spoke merrily.. and at the end of it was a warm ,quick (Bloody fast,Almost a second longer than a Peck!) Kiss.. I dint know why she kissed me(I Cudnt even think straight!) or who i was but now i was pretty damn sure that she was someone close and intimate. I couldn't help looking(Not GAWKING!!) at her lips. The color of of her dress itself with a glossy Look.. I had it in mind that i must request the lady for another Peck :) .. never happened.. it all vanished before my eyes..

i woke up smiling.. I generally never wake up smiling.. specially after i came to bangalore.. The kiss had worked the magic that it is generally supposed to do.. I was delighted but confused.. who was it?? specially confused because that was a face i had never seen before.. Hope that face re-appears in real.. i cant associate the face with anybody that i or you know... which makes it all the more difficult to explain :( ..

so the title seems a little un-appropriate.. A Stranger' Kiss??? Apparently not!