Monday, January 4, 2010

New year at BIAL..


It was about 9 am in the morning....The brand new year.. The very first day.. I had a gruelling previous night :) (The best way you can imagine it wud surely be less!!) I had a shower and headed to the BIAL to receive someone who was arriving that morning.. As the previous arrangements had been spoken about..I wud be at the Cafe Coffee day counter at the airport and she wud have to just look over to find me there..Ekdum Filmi IShtyle.. LOL.. ways of the world..

Nothing of that sort happened at all..

The ride to the airport was on the bike and was extraordinarily pleasant.. I had no idea wat i was doing.. Dint seem to come below 90's.. was with a friend..we hardly spoke during the way(Both were Zonked beyond Control or recognition!!)

At the airport..we headed over to the CCD counter.. Ordered for a cappuccino(For my friend) and a Cold Coffee for me (I thought that my stomach deserved a cold one occasionally after a lot of hot ones!! ). My stomach was rumbling and i hadn't even thought of breakfast yet!

Scene Starts...

My phone Rings and a voice asks " Are you coming or do i head home?? "
.. As usual the Poetic and Dialogue Minded ,I say " I'm Always there if i say so !!! "
she says " Im waiting at the airport main entrance".. I say " Ok.. I'm coming over"..
Heh.. Pretty neat huh!!!

I walk down towards the main entrance of the airport.. I havent sipped my coffee yet.. abi's(My friend's name is Abhilash) coffee is already half way done.. I see a person behind a trolley staring at me and smiling that sheepish smile(A different kinda one.. U'd Probably recognise only if you see it :) ) If you have been though one of my earlier writing's A Stranger's Kiss I would say the same girl was standing in front of me.. Dressed in the same shade.. The same pleasant face.. Talking abt dreams and realities huh!

Till then i hadn't a clue what i was doing at the airport in the morning.. Everything snapped out in an instant. I wasn't zonked anymore. I wasn't hungry anymore(Hmm.. That's a little too much.. I'm always Hungry! may be i just forgot about it..anyway..)Picture perfect , i knew whom i was looking at ... Beautiful !! probably that's too small a word.. Just to make sure u get it.. U can add the highest superlatives into it .. A few seconds later, i feel a better level of intoxication.. Thanks to none other than the lady in front of me ..

I , as usual , couldn't help not taking my eyes off her. the scene was a little better this time .. but then No kiss !! :( and of course very little talk and gazes.. i think she was shy.. or probably too tired to talk.. she'd had a long journey! We parted.. Hoping to meet again.. in better circumstances ..better places.. better reasons.. Now i'm back to the dreams and stranger's kisses!

Hmm.. Hope.. That's all that one can do.. Nothing more!


  1. A Phenomenal strory by PhenoMenon. Hope you will soon get your "Strange Kiss". :)

  2. interstin!!.... we are awaiting for the real showtime!!! ;)

  3. Man Broken Link "Strange Kiss" .. Update it .. Quite interesting